Mari-D is a well known stylist of over 21yrs.  Her Mother recognized her God Given Gift, about the 11th grade of her high school year.  While attending Banneker High, there were always people from the school and the neighborhood coming to her parents home to get their hair done.  As clients grew, her parents invested in a styling station, a hooded hair dryer, (we called the bullet)  and salon tools so she could provide better service to her clients.
By her Senior year of High School, Mari-D was working full time in "That Girl Hair Salon"  with Anne Brown.  That was the start of her career.  She has served in College Park (on Old National Highway), in Riverdale, and Decatur.  After finishing high school she furthered her talent, and attended Atlanta Technical College. She became licensed and the rest is history in the making.  Over the years, Mari-D has staged  Bronner Brother Shows with Design Essentials, traveled with TCB products, and involves herself with continuing education classes such as Namesta, Design Essential, Higher Learning, & Narobi Color classes to name a few. 
Mari-D is also a certified Massage Therapist.  She attended Rising Spirit school of Massage & completed training in January 2008.  This is a new career path  that she enjoys as much as styling hair.  She also has other certifications in Holistic Healing that she ties together as a healing method or tool with Massage Therapy.   Any one who knows Mari-D knows her HUGS...... so you can only imagine the powerful healing energy of Love that  flows though the body, while allowing the  Holy Creator to Heal, Relax, and Rejuvinate your Mind, Body,and Spirit.  If she has shampooed your hair, then you know the pressure she can give to the head while at the same time relaxing the body.
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